We are a one-stop Online Commerce managing solution that empower future Indonesian Business to be able to penetrate digital commerce platform and enable Indonesian to participate in Digital Commerce business.
Empower Indonesian UMKM Business succeed in Digital Commerce and Indonesian Participate in Digital commerce Business.

We Are Bisadagang.id

Want your product to increase its sales performance? Competitiveness is the KEY! Here are some tips from us:

  1. Better price but the same function with the other product from competitor. We support R&D insight for developing the product.
  2. Better distribution channel. We have a lot of store that can help the product get more exposure and awareness.
  3. Effective promotion. We have an effective branding strategy + big channel and ability to build brand awareness.


Our proven experience will comfort you since we will aim for the best result in all services we do

E-Commerce enabler

We got arrount 50 online stores with good performance in Shopee and Tokopedia that can increase the selling rate of your beauty products.

Strategic promotion

We analyze your product in the market and convert it into a strategic promotional plan.

KOL Networking

In every promotional plan we created, KOL is an essential part. We got more than active 5000+ beauty KOL in our networking channel.

Our HappyClients

Clients satisfaction will be our no.1 priority. Let's feel the same victory as others did with us.


Thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in collaborating with usThank you for visiting this page and for your interest in collaborating with us

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